Annual accounts

At Indigo Publications, we are proud of our political and financial independence. This allows us to guarantee our readers information which is independent, rigorous and of high standard. In this context, we consider that we have a duty of openness towards our readers. That is why we make a point of publishing on our site the composition of our capital and our annual accounts.

Indigo Publications was one of the founding members of the independent online press organisation, (Spiil), which recommends its members to publish their annual accounts.

Indigo Publications is a press SAS (Société Par Actions Simplifiée) set up in 1981 by journalist Maurice Botbol. From July 1 2016, following a capital increase reserved for its personnel, the company’s €59,990.27 capital is held by Maurice Botbol (53.3%), Quentin Botbol (43.5%) and Indigo Publications employees (3.2%). As part of a transmission process destined to assure the company’s future independence, Maurice Botbol donated 45% of his shares to his son, Quentin, on December 30 2015. Both signed a pact committing themselves to jointly retain their shares for at least six years (pacte Dutreil).

2016 accounts

In 2016, Indigo Publications registered its 14th consecutive annual profit.

Revenue growth, which has averaged 4-8% in preceding years, was lower, however, at 1.3%.

At the same time, operating costs rose by nearly 11% in line with Indigo’s decision to pursue investment in information technology and new personnel, the effects of which should be felt in 2017 and 2018.

Consequently, the operating result, which reached a record level in 2015, fell 47%, even if it remained at an honourable level at €322,000, which is to say nearly 9% of revenues.

On the other hand, the net result, which dropped 47% in 2015 (as a result of the company’s decision to make provision against the risk of a tax claim which it is contesting before the Court of Administration), increased 25% in 2016 to €294,000.

Revenues and net income 2001-2016 (in thousands of euros)
Revenues and net income 2001-2016 (in thousands of euros)
Résumé of the 2016 profit and loss account
Résumé of the 2016 profit and loss account