The publication of reference on the world of intelligence
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Intelligence Online explains the activities of the world’s
intelligence services and business intelligence gatherers.

• Sections:
Government intelligence: a behind the scenes view of the world’s
intelligence services (Humint, Sigint, space intelligence,
military intelligence, counter-espionage, anti-terrorism and more).

Corporate intelligence: the business intelligence activities of the
major groups and the specialist private companies.

International Dealmaking: Intelligence Online uncovers ongoing negotiations
and identifies who is involved in them.

Due Diligence: Intelligence Online probes these often below-the-radar, quasi-governmental outfits and provides its readers with the inside track on their activities.

Surveillance & Interception: the section is devoted to the latest technological advances being deployed by governments and their adversaries - or accomplices - as well as new methods of technological sabotage.

• Founded in 1980
• 100% digital since 2013
• Published every other Wednesday
• Twice monthly (23 issues/year)
• Editions in French and English
• Special reports to get up to date and
learn more about the topics in the news
• The Insiders Series to understand the
discreet intermediaries who negociate
• Archives since 1992 on