The daily news on influence and power in France
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Public Action, corporate strategies, media and journalists: analyses the network of powers and influence in France.

An original approach to get a better understanding of French news:

  • "Action publique": The political issues, a behind the scenes view of the workings of government and parliament.

  • "Entreprises": Business life and the strategic activities of the major business groups.

  • "Médias": The economic stakes and power games at play within the mutable world of media.

  • "Entourages": The circles of influence within France’s political, business and financial spheres.

  • "Enquêtes": An in-depth report of a sensitive affair investigated at length by our editorial team.

• Founded in 1978
• Daily edition since March 19, 2018
• Fully digital • One weekly in-depth report on a sensitive issue • Archives online since 2007 on