« The smallest international
press group in the world »
Since its creation in 1981, Indigo Publications has specialised in researching and publishing information with high added value. We aim primarily at a demanding, professional readership. Sometimes presented as the smallest international press group in the world, we are:
Indigo Publications is a media company independent of any government or political party. Our shareholders are all individual people. We have never made use of advertising. Our readers are our sole source of revenue. We are thus able to guarantee them information which is original, rigorously checked and objective.
Based in Paris, Indigo Publications has an international audience. Most of our publications are produced in French and English. Our editorial team is backed by a network of some 150 correspondents all over the world.
We produce four websites and 10 specialised newsletters, all of which are considered authoritative in their sectors. The digital and print publications cover domains which are generally considered difficult to access. They analyse the political power struggles, the way that influence is wielded and the economic stakes behind it. Our ambition is always to get to the very heart of power.
We of the Indigo Publications editorial team are convinced that only in-depth knowledge of decision-makers and their entourages and connections allow us to properly understand different situations and the balance of forces at play within them. That is why, in our publications, we strive to analyse precisely the political and economic environments in which those who wield power operate.